Our Mission

To set the standard in our community for excellence in financial service products and their delivery, while realizing the greatest benefit for our shareholders, employees, and customers.


Waterman Bank, originally founded as “Waterman State Bank” by Humphrey Roberts in 1891, has been a pillar of the local Waterman and surrounding Southern DeKalb County community for over 110 years. Roberts, with the help of his sons, crafted Waterman State Bank’s time-tested foundation. The family pioneered Waterman State Bank’s leadership for more than 75 years, the legacy of which still carries on today.

In 1969, Milo and Elizabeth George (known to many as ‘Buck’ and ‘Puzz’) purchased shares of the bank from the Roberts family. During his 63 years of service at Waterman State Bank, Buck spent 14 years shaping Waterman State Bank as president.

After Buck retired in 1987, Robert ‘Bob’ Daniel took over as president, having started his career with the bank in 1970. Bob retired in 2002 after navigating 15 years at the helm.

Al Golden first served on the board in 1963. In his third decade of service, Al became the Chairman of the Board. Al retired in 2008 after completing 13 years as the Chairman of the Board.

We will forever be grateful for the service that each individual contributed to Waterman Bank. Most importantly, we would like to thank the stockholders who make it possible for the bank to continue as it stands today.


Waterman Bank is currently under the leadership of President Frank Guerino. Frank has dedicated efforts to move the Bank into the 21st century utilizing the newest technology and software.

Waterman Bank is progressing community banking in strides as we have embraced technological advances. We now offer a variety of services and opportunities to connect customers with technological solutions such as internet banking, bill pay, e-statements, debit cards, and much more!

Waterman Bank is dedicated to moving ahead and offering new solutions to personal banking such as mobile banking, chip cards, and even a new internet banking platform!

With new technological solutions and a passion for traditional community banking concepts, Waterman Bank stands out. Locally owned and operated since 1891, we proudly continue to serve our community to this day.


Waterman Bank has a dedicated staff to ensure a quality community bank experience.   Please contact us by email, phone or by coming to  our bank to experience how bank customer service should be!